Supporting Us

You can help in a number of ways, including regular or one off donations to help support the work in the orphanage in Goa.

Your donation will be used to provide the children's daily needs (food, clothing & accommodation), education and medical care.

If you are a UK taxpayer and since the Kalji Trust is a registered charity, donations are also eligible for Gift Aid. This means the charity can claim 28p for every £1 donated at no cost to you. Download a form from the links below.

BASIC EDUCATION: Children of Compassion Home study daily in regular schools at Auxillium High School and Ezekiel Methodist School at Panaji in Goa. You can help a child to get basic education for a year by contributing only £180. Monthly expenses for education fees are £5. Uniform / Books are £5 and Travelling to school are £5 per month per child.

CLOTHING NEEDS: The children's needs are very basic. They require sufficient and clean clothing to cloth themselves. Since they are all growing children, they outgrow from their old clothes and hence there is a regular need for new size clothes. Your contributions can be in cash or in kind. Send to us by parcel post any clothes you would like our children to have. Yearly expenses for clothing are £36 per child.

MEDICAL CARE: The Children in Compassion Home are quite healthy but normal ailments do arise and a good medical doctor's fees and prescribed medicines cost often exceed the orphanage's budget for medical aid. We need a separate sponsorship funds to cover the costs of medical examinations, prescription and general medications, eye glasses, dental work, and even special dietary needs. Unfortunately, without sponsorship fund, these needs are often not met. Help a child to remain fit and healthy by contributing towards yearly medical expenses of only £24 per child.

NUTRITIONAL MEALS: At Compassion Home a balanced diet is provided consisting of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes. Morning Breakfast, Afternoon Meals, Evening Tea & Snacks and Night Dinner are the daily routine. Special meals are arranged on all childrenís birthdays and festival days. Help a child to get nutritional diet by contributing £120 towards yearly food expenses for a child.

We desperately are in need of books for our library. Please do not dispose of any old meaningful book. Contact us if you have some books.