The Kalji Trust

The Kalji Trust was founded in 2006 to work amongst the poor and destitute in Goa, India and to assist the work of the Christian churches in the region.

Kalji is the Konkani (local Goan language) word for “Compassion” and reflects the desire of the Trust and its local partners to respond to the needs of individuals in a way that is practical and focussed on what best assists the recipients.

Goa itself is one of the newest regions of India, passing from Portuguese to Indian control in 1961. A tourist haven, and renown for its beautiful beaches, it has also suffered in recent years through the exploitation of its children and the desperate poverty that affects many of the region's inhabitants.

The Trust is committed to providing transparent and efficient management of the funds entrusted to it, and to maximise the resources made available on the ground.

The Trust currently has three major focuses:

  1. Working with destitute children to provide shelter, food, education, medical care and Hope!
  2. Working with local Goan churches to assist them in their Christian work.
  3. Providing practical support and resources to Christian workers in Goa.

“whatever you did for one of the least of did for me” Jesus